DAMAC Lagoons – Morroco


from 2.000.000 AED

5 Bedrooms
from 2.8 Million AED

Payment Plan

11 installments á 5% every 3 months after purchase
12th installment after 70% completion 2%
13th installment after 80% completion 2%
14th installment after 90% completion 1%
15th installment after completion 20%

Yield calculation

Example calculation houseDamac Lagoons Morroco:
Created by Florian von Canal on 15.05.2023

Purchase price
from 2.000.000 AED
Rental income long-term rental
120.000 AED p.a.
Rental income short term rental
8.000 AED per week
Rent increase potential annually
Value increase until 2030
Yield is
5,8 %
Yield is
Short-term rental (25weeks) 10%

Recommendation: Project suitable for long term or short term rental or for resale after completion.

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