Visa and Residence

Dubai visa and residence

Many of our customers ask about the possibilities of obtaining a visa or permanent residence permit in the UAE. There are usually the following reasons for this:

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As our clients also purchase their property with us, there is often a desire to obtain a visa. For investors, this is an interesting opportunity to participate in Dubai, to manage the real estate through their own company in Dubai and to enter the country as desired.

If a property is to be purchased for owner-occupation or part-occupation, a visa is an essential part of this project.

In principle, implementing and obtaining your own visa can be done quickly with expert advice.

We work here:

There are various visa options for our customers. We will advise you specifically on which visa is suitable for you. In principle, there are the following options for our customers:


Founding a company
Real estate investment from AED 500,000
(approx. 125,000 €)
Duration 2 years


Real estate purchase from AED 2 million
(approx. 500,000 €)
Sponsoring of the entire
Family + employees
Duration 10 years
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Many of our customers ask us how quickly we can apply for a visa. Basically, this depends on whether you want to go through the normal official channels or pay a higher fee for a so-called VIP package.

We can advise you quickly and easily on the right visa for you. The process is as follows:

Free initial consultation with needs analysis
When founding a company: legal advice on the type of company and the overall constellation
If necessary, tax advice with our German tax advisor specializing in Dubai
Preparation of an individual offer with schedule
Implementation and preparation of the documents
Entry to Dubai, UAE
Company formation within 2-4 days if necessary
Visa application and issuance between 2 and 10 days
Official partnerships

Authorities we cooperate with

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