There are different ways to finance your Dubai property – we will be happy to explain them to you in detail in a consultation and find the right option for you.

We would be happy to share the basics of real estate financing in Dubai with you in advance:

1. financing with equity

Real estate in Dubai can be purchased quickly and easily with equity. The capital has to be transferred – we would be happy to advise you on the cost-effective and secure transaction options.

2. financing via the developer

Many developers offer financing programs, so-called payment plans. These work like a payment plan and run over several years until the completion of the object. The payment is usually made with a smaller initial sum and then according to the progress of construction.

3. financing through Dubai Bank

The procedure is basically the same as with a German credit institution, after a credit check, a loan is approved. Buyers from abroad receive a maximum loan amount of up to 60% of the property value.

4. financing through a German Bank

If you want to finance a foreign property with a bank from Germany, this is also possible in principle. However, the banks usually require special collateral, such as encumberable property in Germany. The bank’s loan claim is then secured by registering a land charge.Translated with (free version).

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